Delilah A Cappella

Delilah A Cappella Vocal Group

A conglomeration of singers, mostly from the first two seasons of "The Sing-Off." This talented all-female a cappella group includes Amy and Laina of BYU Noteworthy and Candace from Voices of Lee from season one. Kendall from Eleventh Hour and Hannah and Ingrid from Pitch Slapped of Berklee College of Music joined the group from season two. And rounding out the group is Johanna and Geena, two members of Divisi, the all-female a cappella group from The University of Oregon.

Since season 3, the girls have continued singing together both overseas and here in America. With tours to Holland and Hong Kong under their belts, they are excited to keep performing together and sharing their talents. In the last two years some big changes in the personal lives of the girls haven't kept them too far away from one another. Both Kendall and Ingrid have moved to Nashville, Kendall for school at Lipscomb University and Ingrid to pursue songwriting. Hannah now works for a record label in NYC. Candace has gotten married and has two beautiful babies, Brooks and Ambiel. Laina also got married and moved to California. Amy is traveling between Utah and Florida singing and performing on various stages as a rockstar and in musicals. Geena graduated from the UofO, and Jo moved to New York and coaches and writes for a cappella groups, as well as performs with other groups around the country. You might also recognize her from season 4 of The Sing Off in the girl group, Element.

The girls are beginning the recording process for their album as of 2014. Their first single, We Can't Stop/Wrecking Ball is now available!

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NEW Single now available! We Can't Stop/Wrecking Ball